Anupamaa Upcoming Serial: Vanraj will become a bigger businessman than Anuj, will teach Kavya a lesson

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: In the upcoming episode of ‘Anupama’ serial, the audience is going to see a lot of entertainment. Anupama is leaving everyone behind in serial TRP too. The way Kavya has betrayed Vanraj in Anupama serial, his ego has been hurt once again. Now Vanraj will try his best to teach Kavya a lesson. Vanraj will now be shown becoming a bigger businessman than Anuj. The way Vanraj climbs the ladder of success, the more he will get away from Kavya. Vanraj will once again try to get Anupama back.

Anupama’s life will also be shown taking a turn there. After Bapuji’s persuasion, Anupama will start giving place to friend Anuj in her heart. Anuj and Anu’s love story will begin. On the other hand, the hate story of Vanraj and Kavya will start. Seeing the love of Anu and Anuj, the whole family will be with them. On the other hand, Vanraj will once again break into work and work hard for the happiness of the family. On the other hand, Kavya will continue to play dirty games to bring troubles in Anupama’s life.

The audience is going to get a lot of entertainment in the upcoming episodes of Anupama. Anupama’s fans will see how Vanraj will once again become the old Vanraj. The relationship between Kavya and Vanraj will become the same as that of Vanraj and Anupama. On the other hand, Anupama, who gives love to everyone, will start getting her share of love and respect. Anuj and Anupama will also be shown taking forward their business. A lot of twists are going to be seen in Anupama serial.

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