Digital Desk, Bhopal. England’s star cricketer Joe Root is running in excellent form these days. He has become the shortest batsman to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket by scoring a century in the Lord’s Test match against New Zealand. Root has broken the record of former cricketer Alastair Cook and veteran Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar from his own country. While Root had crossed the 10,000 runs mark in 9 years 156 days, Cook in 10 years 87 days and Sachin in 31 years 326 days.

The speed at which Root is scoring runs has intensified the discussion that he can break Sachin’s two biggest records in Test cricket. The first is the record for playing the most matches and the second for scoring the most runs. Talking about Sachin’s Test career, he has scored 15 thousand 921 runs in 200 matches. During this his average was 53.79.

Let us know the reasons due to which there are discussions about Root overtaking Sachin.

Better record than Sachin in the early years of his career

If we compare the first 10 years of their careers, Root’s record is better than Sachin’s. Where Sachin played 73 test matches in the first 10 years of his career, scoring 5841 runs at an average of 56.71. At the same time, Root has scored 10015 runs in 118 Test matches in the first 10 years at an average of 49.58.
If we compare the ages of both, then Root is 31 years old now. Talking about the age of Sachin on the other hand, he played his last Test at the age of more than 40 years. In such a situation, if Root follows in the footsteps of Sachin and plays till the age of 40, then he can easily break Sachin’s record.

England play more Test matches

The possibility of Joe Root breaking Sachin’s record is bolstered by another factor. That is the reason why England play more Test matches than other teams especially India. If we look at the figures, in the last 10 years, England has played 126 Test matches and in the last five years, 66 matches. In such a situation, if Root plays cricket for 7-8 years, then he can break Sachin’s record of playing the most Test matches as well as scoring the most runs.

The pressure removed from leaving the captaincy

Due to the captaincy, there was a lack of consistency in Root’s performance. Due to this, he resigned from the captaincy of the England Test team before the start of the series against New Zealand this year. After leaving the captaincy, he also admitted that the extra pressure of captaincy was affecting his health as well as performance. After leaving the captaincy, he will be able to play well only as a player without any pressure. He gave a sample of this by hitting a century on the fourth of the Lord’s Test match.

Gives more priority to test cricket

Root plays less ODI and T20 matches for England than Test matches. Nor does he appear in the IPL. He is England’s single format specialist. He keeps his focus more on Test matches than other formats. Which will benefit them in increasing their career for a long time. Playing in the same format will make it easier for Root to maintain his fitness at an older age.


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