Sridevi’s mother did not want her daughter to dance on this song from Boney Kapoor’s film ‘Mr India’

Sridevi Untold Story: Actress Sridevi, who left her magic on the Bollywood industry, has worked in more than 300 films in her life. From South’s films to Bollywood’s hit movies, Sridevi still has millions of fans. Sridevi has won the hearts of fans by giving excellent performance in every film. Sridevi’s acting has surprised the audience every time. Sridevi was very patient about her work. She worked hard to bring life to every scene. Every fan has heard about Sridevi’s work, but few people know an anecdote about her. When Sridevi was shooting for Boney Kapoor’s film ‘Mr India’, she was asked to dance on a song to which her mother objected. Sridevi Untold Story

The film Mr India had rocked the box office in its time. Sridevi’s romance with Anil Kapoor won the hearts of the audience. When it came to shooting for Mr. India’s iconic song ‘Kate Nahi Katte Ye Din Raat…’, Sridevi’s mother had objected to her. Sridevi’s mother did not want her daughter to shoot that song. Wearing a blue chefon sari in the song, Sridevi had to dance in the rain, on which her mother was objecting.

Actually, Sridevi had a high fever during the shooting of the song Kaate Nahi Katte. Sridevi was burning in fever and at the same time she had to flex her waist while soaking in water. Due to some reason the shooting could not even be postponed. It was very important to film the song after which it was finalized between the makers and Sridevi that the song would be shot on the same day. Author Satyarth Nayak has written a book on Sridevi in ​​which this anecdote has been told. Writer Satyarth has written in the book that then Sridevi asked filmmaker Pankaj Parashar to take her mother to some corner and make her sit and give a magazine in her hand. So that his attention is divided and he completes the shooting of the song.

After Sridevi did this, the shooting of the song was completed and the result is in front of all of us that despite being in high fever, Sridevi has filmed the song beautifully. Sridevi is seen getting wet in the rain and if you look carefully, her eyes look red in the song. It was not the effect of makeup but of fever. Sridevi was a great actress, she has many such stories which can surprise her fans.

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