Such was the reaction of Sapna Choudhary when she met Veer Sahu for the first time, then the love story rose like this

Sapna Choudhary And Veer Sahu Untold Love Story: Haryanvi singer and dancer Sapna Choudhary had kept the news of her marriage and pregnancy under wraps in the initial phase. After the birth of the son, this couple broke the silence about their marriage. Sapna’s husband Veer Sahu himself came live and informed people about this. But do you know how the love story of Sapna Choudhary and Veer Sahu grew and started. When Veer met Sapna for the first time, he was not very much liked. Later gradually Sapna Chaudhary started taking interest in Veer but this was not the case with Sahu. Sapna had disclosed about this while talking about their relationship.

Introducing Veer during an interview, Sapna had said that he is not interested in any identity. He has many big products including writing, modeling and acting. Sapna further said that as his name is, so is his work. Talking about her relationship with Veer, Sapna Choudhary had said that for the first time in the years 2015 and 2016, they met in a program of Ladwa Gaushala in Hisar. For the first time, Sapna felt brave. He was a man who did not like to talk to anyone and did not like to joke with anyone.

Sapna told that she had met Sahu for the second time at an award show but then she ignored it. But when Sapna talked to Veer, he became shy and started thinking that now he will have to talk. During that time Sapna understood that Veer is not a badass, he is one of those people who is not what he looks like. Then Sapna and Veer started understanding each other. Then Sapna felt that Veer is such a person from whom he cannot go away.

Talking about Sapna, Veer Sahu said that whatever she may be in the eyes of the world. Be it a star, but dreams mean a lot to me. Veer further said that for me the dream is only my dream, that is my friend’s dream. At first, Veer felt that Sapna Chaudhary was just an artist, but when she got to know Sapna closely, she came to know that she is completely different from the rest of the people in her personal life. Sapna is a performer, not a dancer, women also perform Mujra, but Sapna never performed an organ. There are all kinds of dances.

Veer Sahu also said that he does not like Sapna because she is a star. She looks good to me. I love dream Laughing at this, Sapna also agreed and said that she also loves Veer. This interview of Sapna is of the year 2020. Sapna married Veer Sahu in the same month. Although no one was told about this.

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