The court had banned Dev Anand from wearing a black coat, this was the reason

Dev Anand Black Suit Ban: Many actors have come and gone in Bollywood but no one has come like the legend Dev Anand. Dev Anand sahib had ruled the hearts of people for almost 6 decades with his talent. Everyone was crazy about Dev Anand’s acting and dialogue delivery. The actor who gave dialogue delivery like him has not yet entered the industry. Dev Anand had made millions of fans with the magic of his talent, performance and romanticism. His magic used to speak on the head of the fans. Dev Anand Sahab was considered a fashion icon of his time. Fans were eager to get a glimpse of him.

Dev Anand had made a lot of headlines in his time regarding the black coat. When Dev Anand Sahab used to go out in the public place wearing a black coat, people used to go crazy to get a glimpse of him. Dev Anand’s black coat and white shirt became so popular that everyone used to copy to get his look but no one could compete with Dev Anand’s look. It is said that when Dev Anand used to go out wearing a black coat in a public place, the girls used to get crazy. Not only this, she was also ready to jump from her roof.

In view of the people’s craze for Dev Anand, the court had intervened for the first time in the matter of dress of an actor. The court had banned Dev Anand from wearing a black coat in a public place. Dev Anand started his film career in 1946 with the film ‘Hum Ek Hain’ but this film did not do much, but in 1948, Dev Anand’s film ‘Ziddi’ won the hearts of the audience. Dev Anand became a star with ‘Ziddi’. Dev Anand has ruled the hearts of fans for almost 6 decades with his skills.

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